With a single, straightforward gift, you have the power to touch the lives of numerous deserving local causes and drive remarkable social change.

Imagine the joy of knowing that your contribution – no matter its size – plays a pivotal role in transforming the Cardinia community. As a registered charity, we provide versatile giving options, from capital income and land to shares and legacies.

Your gift resonates across education, health, social cohesion, the environment, the arts, and crisis support, amplifying its effect far beyond its initial value.

Professional Advisors

Empower your clients impact

Do you have clients who are passionate about making a difference in their community but may be uncertain about where to begin? They might already support various charities but are ready to take a more strategic approach, focusing on causes closer to home.

Three reasons to support the Cardinia Foundation

1.Effortless Structure

Provide your clients with a tax-efficient, structured approach to their giving, avoiding the complexity of setting up traditional charitable trusts or foundations. We specialise in tax-effective charitable giving solutions.

2. Trusted Partner

Our committed advisors ensure your clients contribution generates maximum change within the Cardinia community’s crucial areas – from education and health to social cohesion, the environment, the arts, and crisis support.

3. Tailored Flexibility

Whether your clients wish to contribute substantially or more modestly, we ensure that charitable giving to local causes remains straightforward, enjoyable, and impactful.

We offer diverse options for clients, whether through capital income, land, shares, or legacies.

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